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    Rathian muonline season XIII server



New updates 30 october

New updates 30 october, run update.exe to download the latest version !

  •  Added 3D Camera and UI for it (F6 to enable/disable, F7 to reset, F8 to hide UI, keep SHIFT pressed to control camera)
  • Added server time display UI
  • Added "Resets" display to "C" window
  • Fixed fourth wings lose their attribute options after level up mix
  • Blocked ability of joining party by players participating Labyrinth of Dimension event with use of party matching system
  • Fixed God od Darkness drop issue and general drop issue from bags assigned to boss monsters
  • Fixed Gaion drop Luck attribute is not working
  • Fixed party move conditions not respecting PartyUserMove option
  • Fixed Lightning Shock skill not wotking with FriendlyFire option
  • Fixed CPU high load on reconnect system while used together with Launcher proxy module
  • Fixed fourth wings level upgrade mix making unexpected extra options on item
  • Adjusted Attack Queue values that could affect selected skill, including combo skill
  • Fixed Pvm & PvP rates, more balance for all characters
  • Added some new spots & bosses spawns
Posted 30 / 10 / 2018

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